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International Logistics

While preparing for a major market launch and penetration in the US, the world's largest Consumer Product Company turned to R+L Global Logistics for an international logistics solution.


During the planning phase, the international company discovered that its traditional ocean-based transportation and logistics model could not meet time-critical deadlines. To avoid outages on the retailers’ shelves, the company needed reliable solutions from a transportation and logistics company with a history of crafting international logistics solutions.

Ensuring that the products arrived in the stores well ahead of the launch date was absolutely essential for marketing success. In addition to the time constraints, the goods would have to be moved efficiently from the Far East to the US and be successfully put into the distribution supply chain without interruption.

In order to resolve the problem, the company identified five critical requirements of a new logistics provider:

  • A proven track record of on-time delivery
  • A full complement of international and domestic logistics services
  • A knowledge of product launch for major retail promotions
  • Leading edge automation and technology for tracing and tracking shipments
  • A sound reputation for crafting reliable and flexible logistics solutions in time-critical settings


As time was running out, the company turned to one of its minority-owned suppliers, R+L Global Logistics, for help.

International Chart

Working closely together, the two companies were able to craft a workable solution and deploy the resources necessary to move the goods to the required destinations ahead of the deadlines.

A critical success factor was R+L's ability to identify and secure a fleet of Boeing 747 freighters, which were chartered to transport the goods from the Far East to the US. R+L Global's experience in international shipping enabled them to quickly satisfy the charter requirements by identifying the right airline with the right schedule, at the right price.

Another essential advantage was R+L Global's ability to coordinate directly with the supplier to receive the goods. On receipt, R+L arranged to have the airline pallets built in compliance with aircraft contours and specifications, and tendered them directly to the Charter operator in order to expedite the process.

Upon arrival in the US, R+L Global was responsible for the recovery of the airline pallets, breaking them down, and rebuilding the thousands of loose cartons onto Chep™ pallets in order to comply with the customer's stringent distribution requirements.

The entire process from the origin airport to the client’s distribution center was completed in two days.


Working in close partnership with the customer, manufacturer, global partners, and airlines, R+L Global was able to meet each of the time-critical deadlines. All of the products were delivered intact and on time for a successful market launch.

In addition to a successful outcome, R+L Global was also able to validate the customer's internal initiative to invest in the ongoing development of minority-owned suppliers. R+L Global Logistics was rewarded with a "valuable supplier" status by the customer and afforded new opportunities to expand their offerings.

R+L Global Logistics' ongoing commitment to reliability enabled us to exceed our customer's expectations and validated our reputation as a value-added partner and a model Minority Business Enterprise.

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